Simple To Use!

Fits Up To ANY Standard 1″ Household Flag Mast!

Flag Stabilizer

Fly Your Flag Proud!


Good to use on ALL flags and banners, fits up to 1″ flag pole. Any flag will benefit from Flag Stabilizer®!


Tired Of Unwinding Your Flag?

Flag Stabilizer® is the perfect accessory to keep your flag from winding around its mast. Simple to use. Fits up to any standard 1″ household flag mast.

Now you can fly your flag all day long, every day of the year without worrying about damage from wind. Flag Stabilizer® will reduce the amount of time you spend unraveling your flag and banner from around your flagpole and keeps your flag from becoming tangled around the staff.

Old Glory Before Using Flag Stabilizer®


Old Glory After Using Flag Stabilizer®


Simple To Use!

Instructions: Simply position spiral part of Flag Stabilizer® to the flag staff. Secure the clip portion of the flag stabilizer to the flag. Mount flag stabilizer above flag base grommet.

Flag Stabilizer® Is ONLY 11.95!


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